A better way to reach your marketing objectives

drawing-bulbEvery company needs to communicate. Businesses have a wide variety of advertising, marketing and communications needs, but often do not have staff with the skills and talent needed to provide these materials.

Hiring an advertising agency or design firm is the common solution, but unless you are their biggest account, you seldom get access to the top talent. You end up working with junior staff while paying for overhead and resources you don’t even use.

Leonard Creative Services offers efficiencies not available through most advertising agencies or design companies. Gary Leonard is an experienced creative with a rare combination of talents that allows him to take projects from initial strategizing and concepting to completion through copywriting, design, and production. It’s a fast way to get to a finished product.

The current economy has put pressure on businesses to find the most cost-effective means to achieve their marketing and communications objectives. But without good ideas and excellent production, results remain elusive and budget dollars are wasted. Leonard Creative Services is a better solution for companies who want to obtain high-quality creative services efficiently and affordably. To find out how much better, contact us.